Dangerous 3.0 (SILS Mixtape)

22 Oct

A new mixtape, Dangerous 3.0, is available for your listening pleasure. Inspired by the first track, Dangerous by Kid Cudi, and moving into some ringtone hip hop and R&B. Download!

  1. Dangerous (Kid Cudi)
  2. Freaks (Wale)
  3. A Cause De Kanye (Yelle vs Kanye West)
  4. Check It Out (Nicki Minaj and Will.I.Am)
  5. Memories (David Guetta and Kid Cudi)
  6. Gifted (Dave Wrangler)
  7. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (Usher and Pitbull)
  8. Day N Night (Kid Cudi)
  9. Make Her Say (Kid Cudi, Common and Kanye West)
  10. Why Don’t You Love Me (Beyonce)
  11. XXXO (M.I.A.)
  12. 4th of July/Fireworks (Kelis)
  13. I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas)
  14. My Chick Bad (Ludacris and Nicki Minaj)
  15. Whip My Hair (Willow Smith)
  16. Rude Boy (Rihanna)

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  1. jared 2010/10/22 at 14:43 #

    thanks for throwing this together.

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