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SILS Exclusive: Jetskiis, “Blood/Waking Up With Injuries”

5 May

Jetskiis were kind enough to share some new tracks from their upcoming record. ‘Blood’ and ‘Waking Up With Injuries’ both expand the island grunge  that the Jetskiis perfected with their earlier demos.

‘Waking Up’ adds a new heft to the band’s sound. The track slowly builds to an energetic finale that channels their inner-guitar hero. Meanwhile, ‘Blood’ sounds like a chilled-out record from Dead Man’s Bones with the echoing vocals and frantic chorus. Take a listen/download below!

Be sure to catch their next show at Hemlock on 5/21/10 in San Francisco.

Jetskiis – Waking Up With Injuries

Jetskiis – Blood:


@JETSKIIS, “Moonlight Kawaski Ride”

18 Apr

According to JETSKIIS, “2009 was a bitch.” But those tough times, including house arrest, unemployment and ‘gender epiphany,’ seem to have propelled them towards great music. Of the three demos on their site, ‘Moonlight Kawaski Ride,’ is the strongest and seems to exemplify their ‘Island Grunge’ sound – “a blend of polyrhythmic grooves and reverb drenched melodies.”