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Ludacris, “How Low (Basic Physics Remix)”

6 May

Luda’s lead single, ‘How Low,’ from the Battle of the Sexes has been a welcome return to his signature sound. Everything is there, funky beats, kiddy chorus and comedic timing. Using a Kids At The Bar sampleBasic Physics turns the song into hit for the dance floor.

This is probably the most techno of a song that I’ve posted on SILS but I think it’s well produced and highly energetic. Also check out some of Basic’s other remixes on SoundCloud.


Big Z Remixes, “Tell It Like It Is (Mixtape)”

27 Apr

Zach Caraher is a hip hop producer/musician from Philly. Under the moniker, Big Z Remixes, he released a new mixtape, Tell It Like It Is. The near flawless remix-collection features Jay-Z, Kanye West, Luda, Lil’ Wayne and Passion Pit. Check out the chilled-out remixes of Jay-Z and Luda below.

The mixtape is available for free: download it here or visit his site for more music.

Big Z Remixes, Intro:

Big Z Remixes, Change Clothes: