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M.I.A., “XXXO”

10 May

You know this is going to blow up while I write this sentence. Listen to M.I.A.‘s newest track, ‘XXXO’:


Twin Sister, “All Around & Away We Go” Fan Video via @yvynyl

5 May

Twin Sister‘s awesome song, ‘All Around & Away We Go,’ gets a fan-made video treatment from their friend (& music blogger) Mark Schoneveld of YVYNYL. Mark has a pretty good eye for these things and the footage is a nice companion to the drippy, 70’s summer vibe of the record. (Listen/Download below)

Twin Sister, All Around & Away We Go:

MGMT, “Flash Delirium”

14 Apr

Everything about MGMT’s new release, Congratulations, is insane, yet awesome. Check out the video for the lead single, ‘Flash Delirium,’ with its wonderful use of jazz flute.

Shockwave, ‘Empire State of Mind’

9 Apr

Amazing cover of ‘Empire State of Mind’ (originally by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys) that features a beatbox, jew fro and ukulele. Starts at 3:50.

Mucca Pazza, ‘2007 Tour Video’

7 Apr

Just sharing an old video of the most insane marching band you’ll ever listen to (or see live). Check them out here!